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Today I updated my profile on, the site I’ve been posting fanfiction to under the name “The Prime Minister” for over ten years.  It’s a great site and community, and although I’m no longer active, I really appreciate the support I’ve received over the years.  I’ve also met some great folks whom I’m friends with to this very day.  I’m hoping that some of them will decide to follow me on this site as I move from fanfiction to original novels.

The series I’m currently working on was actually inspired by one of my own fanfics.  There were themes that I wanted to explore in that fic, but really wasn’t able to unless I wanted to make it an alternative universe fic.  I wasn’t opposed to that, but it also wasn’t the flavor I wanted to impart to the story.  I decided that an original story would serve better.

Somewhere along the way the plot changed.  Turns out that this set of characters and the world I’ve built aren’t really right for that theme (exploring what it means to be human).  I guess I’ll have to try again with yet another series!  I have some ideas and I think it’ll work the second time around.

I worried for a while that the characters in the novel would be too similar to the characters from the fic, but now that I’ve read my own book a few times, I don’t think that’s the case.  The fic characters were based on archetypes to begin with, and my original story has just taken those archetypes a bit further.  I think it works.  The people who have read both the fic and the original story think that there’s quite a bit of difference, too, so I think that part of my concern can be chalked up to good ol’ author anxiety/paranoia.

If you’ve ever read any of my fics, let me know.  I’d love to hear from you and reconnect with my roots.


One thought on “Fanfiction Start

  1. i love your stories about lina and xellos. i’ve re-read them several times. Absolutions is one of the best of the slayers fics i have read. i am looking forward to reading your orginal stories.. after i finnish the Absolutions again

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