What day is it?

Time got away from me there.  And so has writing.  It’s been about a month and a half since I’ve done any work on my writing.  If I was working for myself, I’d fire me.  Wait–I am writing for myself.  Oops.

I feel like the antithesis of the people you read about in Writer’s Digest and other writerly publications, the ones that say they wrote every moment of their spare time, even if it was just five minutes, or they wrote on napkins at their restaurant job.  I don’t really have much of an excuse, I guess.  I could say that getting three hours of sleep a night has ruined my focus (it has – it also makes my day job really rough).  I could say that my husband has had to put together drawings for the utility district so that we can connect to the sewer when our septic tank fails (and it will, and he has, and we want to avoid sewage seeping up out of the ground), and that has meant that I’ve had to put our baby to bed each night, which involves rocking and singing and rocking for hours because the child absolutely will not sleep.  And all that has meant that I’ve lacked the strength of will to force myself to do much of anything, let alone write.

However, I think the passion is still there, and just because I’m not putting pen to paper doesn’t mean that the second novel isn’t percolating in my brain.  I’ve been refining some scenes in my mind and solidifying the plot.  I thought of a few interesting magical skills of one of the main characters, too, things that will differentiate him from the other magic users in the story (as if he isn’t already different enough).  And I’ve been thinking about how his personality might change throughout the books, from the fourth book (which is actually a prequel) to the second.

I am going to make adjustments in my life, though.  Writing is important to me, and while it isn’t always the top priority (since it doesn’t feed my family or raise my child), it still deserves more attention than I’ve allocated to it lately.  My plan is to start writing again in the evenings when my husband is finished with the drawings.  I’ll continue to refine the first draft of the first novel and work on creating the second.  In the meantime, I’ll let my brain meander where it wants to among the lives of my characters.


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