Does it count as writer’s block if someone else is doing the blocking?

I have family visiting for an undetermined period of time.  It could be a week, it could be a couple of months.  Said visitors have taken my laptop, which has put a major cramp in my writing style.  It’s hard to sit down with a notebook when company’s following you around the house demanding every minute of your time.

In my already hectic life, writing was the one thing I was doing for myself, and now that I’m utterly blocked from writing, I’m finding it pretty tough.  Oh well, I wasn’t making much progress anyway.  At least this excuse for not writing is a little more valid than just letting life get away with me.


One thought on “Blocked

  1. Hi there!
    Damn its been a while. You probably don’t remember me, and i don’t spect such thing. But, ill try to give you an idea of where this random replier comes from:
    Around 6 years ago i came across your fanfiction, the absolution series that is. As a teenager and slayers fan; i was completely breath taken by your fantiction and maybe you remember i did a sloppy fanart for you, that for some reason i still have up at deviant art (
    Time passed by after i read your fic and forgot about it. And things for me changed; hardships came and went, as well as good times. Adulthood isn’t easy at times for me, then again last month i went on reflecting about my past, the rights and wrongs i did as well as the answers that never come easy, but are out there just out of reach.

    On my hunger for said answers i diged in my archives and found the link to your fic. Thrill came over me as i remembered just some parts of it and decided to re-read it.

    I write to you after having finished the whole lot again just some minutes ago.
    And now i see it with other eyes, not the eyes of the teenager that once enjoyed it by merely being a fan of the anime series. But with the eyes that searched for answers and somehow find them through the problems each of the characters had reflecting over my own, as well as the answers they got which are starting to guide mine.

    I’m thankful that i had again the pleasure to enjoy your writing, and find it more sense than just mere entertainment now.

    Hopefully you could point me out whats the name of the book you are publishing, or when it will be out (and if it will go on ebay or amazon, because im not an american, nor do i live there)

    Thanks again.

    ~Teresa Lass

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