Summer Already

It’s hard to believe that it’s almost been a month since my last post.  So much has happened, and yet it seems like it’s taken no time at all.  My house guests are gone, my son had a birthday, and we’re slowly trying to get life back on track.

I happen to like a certain measure of routine.  I like having a good idea of when I can slot things in during the day, like email or writing.  When my routine becomes so disrupted as to become recognizable I end up feeling harried and cut adrift.  I believe that routine should be flexible and differ from monotony, and it’s good for routines to be shaken up once in a while.  However, I’ve always found that routine is a boon to the activities I like to do, such as classes, walking, drawing, and writing.

And so I try to settle into my summertime routine.  There’s the day job, of course, and I actually find it more difficult to write when it stays light out longer.  My brain and body want to be outside, soaking it up.  Summertime always seems so fleeting.  Even last summer, the best summer of my life, when I was able to stay home with my newborn and spend all day cuddling him and reading books, went far too quickly.  I reflect on this because I’m determined to not let the summer end without my finishing the first chapter of book two.

Even though I want the summer to just last and last, I’m also looking forward to autumn.  Come the fall I’m going to get a new computer, which will hopefully help my writing output.  It’s tough to focus on the story when the computer crashes what seems like every five minutes, and moments become breathless as I wonder if I’ve just lost my story. (It’s backed up on an external drive, and I save the document at the end of just about every sentence, but still.)  I know in part that having the computer isn’t really necessary to further my writing efforts, but it should do something for my morale, and as far as I’m concerned, every little bit will help.


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